lundi 19 juillet 2010

Shudder of a Daisy -- Gennady Aygi (Геннадий АЙГИ) (1934-2006)

little cloud! —

would once the moment
of my death thus be shaken —

(what then
shall I choose
more dear)

wind — jewel-like — fleeting! —

as in flight
awakened in me — first of all:

freshness! —

of absence of memory

(in Gennady Aygi, Field – Russia, traduit par Peter France ; New Directions Publishing 2007)

(быть может)
клонит - такое легкое
(для смерти)

is the wind
bending - so light
(for death)
a heart

(in Gennady Aygi, Selected Poems 1954-1994
traduit par Peter France ; Angel Books 1997)

c'est le vent
qui incline - si légèrement
(à la mort)
un cœur

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