mercredi 27 octobre 2010

In the studio -- Pan Sonic et Keiji Haino

Et voila, trois de mes musiciens fétiches font un disque ensemble en studio (enregistré à Berlin peu après leur live Shall I Download A Black Hole and Offer It To You) et il me faut trois ans pour m'en apercevoir ...

Keiji Haino est un habitué des collaborations aventureuses (voir par exemple celle avec Zeitkratzer) : quatre faces, quatre aspects de son travail, guitare, voix, batterie et flûte, le tout soutenu, noyé, propulsé par les abrasions de Pan Sonic. Deux approches diamétralement opposées du bruit. Très sombre, très réussi.

Keiji Haino signe les titres des morceaux (traduits par Kobayashi Masumi et Chris Campion), sous le titre Synergy between mercy and self annihilation overturned :

Synergy between mercy and self annihilation overturned

So many thihgs I still have to say

If I could incarnate this feeling would you consider it a creation

Imperious doppelganger of tears, playing catch with objectivity that evades ultimate responsibility

I wonder if I have become wiser than Gods by making worse what already is

This trembling, no longer seems to be the axis at the center

As far as the left goes,            it is starting to look red
What about the right,     I wonder what colour it will be

In the hollow created between the eyebrows, what offering would be most appropriate

"Without doubt" an attestation written from that time, will no longer have effect, because the wound has widened so much

I have embedded it approximately 2 minutes and 7 seconds into the 4th song, in order to return whenever I wish

Perhaps there is no need to return

Preparation is unnecessary from this point on ..., leave me alone some time