jeudi 22 janvier 2015

Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy -- Joanna Klink

Sortie prévue chez Penguin le 31 mars 2015 !
Il aura fallu patienter cinq ans depuis Raptus (Penguin, 2010) ...

En attendant, quelques poèmes de ce nouveau recueil déjà parus, dont celui-ci :

STARS, SCATTERSTILL. Constellations of people and quiet.
Those nights when nothing catches, nothing also is artless.

I walked for hours in those forests, my legs a canvas of scratches,

trading on the old hopes—we were meant to be lost. But being lost

means not knowing what it means. Inside the meadow is the grass,

rich with darkness. Inside the grass is the wish to be rooted, inside the rain

the wish to dissolve. What you think you live for you may not live for.

One star goes out. One breath lifts inside a crow inside a field.

(les poèmes Winter field et Some feel rain, du recueil Circadian, ici