vendredi 8 juillet 2011

Ross Daly


Lyre sans borne des poussières,
surcroît de notre cœur.

(René Char, in Le poème pulvérisé)

On se sent parfaitement idiot de le présenter comme le plus Crétois des Irlandais ; un musicien du talent de Ross Daly pourrait-il être étranger quelque part ? 

Toujours est-il que les Crétois saluent unanimement en lui un virtuose de l'instrument central de leur identité musicale, la lyra, même si Ross Daly lui fait de nombreuses infidélités passant avec un égal bonheur de l'antique rubab au moderne tarhu.

All of us are looking for the same things in music, something which each of us "sees" clearly in the eyes of the others. It is for this reason that we have come together, not for the sake of demonstrating or proving to anyone that Indians, Iranians and Greeks can play music together. For us, that is simply an obvious and well-known fact that doesn't actually need any demonstrating or proving at all. On the contrary, the unique sense of fulfillment that each of us experienced is something that we feel honored to share with anyone who wishes to listen, écrit Ross Daly à propos de son projet Iris en collaboration avec des musiciens persans, indiens et grecs.

Même approche pour le projet White Dragon. Un extrait magnifique ici.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty for a westerner working with Tuvan music is to go beyond the "strangeness" of it on the technical level and to simply perceive it as music. Of course when one first hears a single human voice producing not just two different notes but sometimes even two different melodies simultaneously, one is obviously deeply impressed to say the least. It takes quite a lot of time to get over this, to perceive these techniques as being perfectly "normal", and to listen to what is being sung rather than getting stuck solely on how it is sung. All that I could do was to immerse myself in Tuvan music, listening carefully for hours on end, silently, without thinking of anything, to recordings of various Tuvan artists and, of course, specifically to those of Huun Huur Tu. After an extended period of listening to their music in this way, I began to develop my own aesthetic relationship with this music in which the "novelty" of the vocal techniques was no longer the issue.
Les autres vidéos postées par Kelly Thoma, disciple et complice de Ross Daly, valent aussi le déplacement et donnent une idée des multiples facettes du talent de Ross Daly.

Pour la facette plus "rigoureusement" crétoise de son travail, se procurer, par exemple, le CD Echo of time (avec Mitsos Stavrakakis). Un extrait ici.