dimanche 16 janvier 2011


La boite à outils refermée, voici un funambule pour poursuivre la conversation sur l'urbanisme, l'architecture et leurs alentours (c'est à dire nous, entre autres).

Pour les anglophones, pas mal de "french theory (reload)" dans Total Assault on Culture. Un bon échantillon, ici ... quand bien même ce serait à propos de Ray Brassier :

Here is my exegesis of Ray Brassier’s compelling conjectural reversal that moves from thinking Capital to the bold conclusion that Capital thinks. In his text ‘Nihil Unbound: Remarks on Subtractive Ontology and Thinking Capital’ he grapples with how it might be possible to think Capital by providing an objective determination-in-the-last-instance. Beyond the Marxist analysis of the dynamics of accumulation, Brassier draws on recent philosophical insights in continental thought, mathematics and informational theory that appear eminently useful supplementing our conceptualization of Capital as a dynamic that refuses totalization. In order to achieve this he examines the subtractive ontology of Alain Badiou — turning his attention to precisely that which Badiou’s axiomatic set-theory elides — reconciling it with the profound diagnosis of capitalism as auto-axiomatic by Deleuze and Guattari. He then supplements this with the innovative informational theory and epistemological sophistication of mathematician Gregory Chaitin — namely in his work on uncomputable reals — in turn making Capital’s unthinkability and uncomputability intelligible.

Bon, vous voilà prévenus !

La Énième Position parle de tout, de tout (en anglais), y compris de poésie ! Voir en particulier cet "entretien posthume" avec Daniil Kharms.

Soundcloud ?  Industrial music (and more) for industrial people (and others) ! Échantillon avec la page du tokyoïte Himuro Yoshiteru.